Rules and Regulations

Rules And Regulations


BJCP Style Guidelines

Judging will be based on the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. If you are not familiar with the BJCP, please read the guidelines for your entry styles, as all required information must be provided.



Most judges will be BJCP certified and any non-BJCP judges will be paired with experienced BJCP judges. Our goal is to provide the best feedback possible for your entry. Judges are encouraged to enter the competition, but will not be allowed to judge any category in which they have entries. The competition is open only to amateur brewers; commercial or brew-on-premise beers will be disqualified.

Brew-on-premise is defined as wort boiled and fermented in a commercial brewing facility on the commercial equipment with assistance, or done by a professional brewer.  Base wort created at a commercial brewery then distributed to a homebrewer who then adds specialty grains, hops, adjuncts, etc and boils and ferments the wort in the homebrewer’s equipment is allowed.


Entry Limits

Only two entries per style subcategory.


Entry Requirements

Each entry shall consist of three, 10-12 oz. bottles; 7 oz. bottles are permissible for strong ale and mead categories.

Rocket fuel entries only require two 10-12 oz. bottles.

NO FLIP-TOP BOTTLES ALLOWED (Grolsch style bottles).

All commercial and homemade labels must be removed. Bottles should be free of identifying marks, no raised letters (Sam Adams bottles are ok). Bottle caps should be plain or have any markings inked or blacked out. Bottle must have labels attached by rubber band, preferably around the bottle neck – no glue or tape.

This competition will NOT accept entries using AHA paper entry forms and bottle labels; you must use the electronic entry system, which automatically updates the competition database. All entries must be properly labeled using the bottle labels produced by the electronic entry system.


Rocket Fuel (category 99)

Rocket fuel is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it is for the warped, twisted, and truly extreme brewers! This category is specifically designed to determine which homebrewer has the rocket fuel it takes to send the Commander into orbit! Rocket fuel requirements: two 12oz entries as described above; entry must be 10% or more ABV; entry must be fermented and not concentrated, distilled, or fortified in any manner other than in accordance with BJCP guidelines (eisbocks are acceptable, but adding spirits to the entry to increase ABV is not). It’s that easy. Entries may be beer, mead, cider, or any combination. If the entry qualifies as any other BJCP style (e.g. Russian Imperial Stout), it may be entered as both, but would require two separate entries. Rocket fuel tends to be for more esoteric and extreme examples, (think DFH 120 min IPA or Avery Mephistopheles). Also, since rocket fuel has its own category (and trophy) and is not a BJCP style, it is not eligible for Best of Show.